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Burrito Shak Sets Franchise Record Sales in 2021, Looking Ahead to Continued Success in 2022!

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From our flagship store in Hampstead to seven restaurants in North Carolina and beyond, Burrito Shak has been serving up unparalleled flavor and expertly crafted “Fresh Mex” cuisine with a family-friendly atmosphere for seven years, with no signs of slowing down. As we close the books on 2021, we are pleased to announce that Burrito Shak’s total sales among our locations bested $6.5M, representing a staggering 88 percent growth in sales from the previous year. Reflecting on 2021, it's hard to begin without first noting such a milestone, as it's a direct reflection of the admiration guests and investors have for the franchise. And as the Burrito Shak family continues to grow, it's a benchmark attributed to all those who have seen the brand's value and believed in the mission behind its existence to “Get Shak’d”.

A Year of Growth

We are very proud to share that Burrito Shak experienced an extremely successful 2021 that brought the signing of development agreements equating to seven shops in operation and another two in development. Surf City led the year, opening in January 2021 and Lake Havasu, AZ, which represents the first Burrito Shak location outside the confines of North Carolina, opened its doors to the west coast in November 2021.

What to Expect in the Year Ahead

We are more committed than ever to forging ahead this year, with a record number of new restaurant openings in local communities. Our goal is to reach 13 locations sold by year-end, expand our footprint into two new states, and achieve franchise sales of at least $8.5M. Operational goals include keeping up with a high degree of system-wide growth in new and planned locales, pursuing new technological advancements (in-store and online) for the benefit of our customers and franchise partners, and pushing our brand’s vision and mission forward to reach more consumers and prospective franchise owners than in any year past.

Although the economy has shown resilience in its strong resurgence throughout the year, many uncertainties still exist, as they always have and always will. And while the Burrito Shak team can't predict what challenges lie ahead this year and beyond, franchisee prospects can rest assured that the company is poised to make tremendous strides and positioned to perform at a level unlike anything the brand has yet to witness. The Burrito Shak team attributes their success to their core values of life is better with the sauce and you get what you give. No wave is too big for the Burrito Shak brand!

Interested in opening your own Burrito Shak franchise this year? Visit www.burritoshak.com/franchise today to learn more about Burrito Shak franchise opportunities.